Nov. 1st, 2012

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Title: I Have Never (Grilled My CO About His Sex Life)
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Mass Effect
Rating: R for adult themes
Characters: Male Shepard, Kaidan Alenko, Tali'zorah vas Normandy, Garrus Vakarian, Jeff “Joker” Moreau, EDI, Samantha Traynor, James Vega, Steve Cortez, Liara T'Soni
Pairings: Shepard/several (past), Shepard/Kaidan, Joker/EDI, Garrus/Tali (implied)
Summary: After yet another Cerberus-related mission Shepard decides the crew could do with a night off even though aboard Normandy, and somehow James talks them into playing drinking games. Shepard feels it was all planned to get him to talk about his private life but in the end can't argue with the results.
Notes: Horribly self-indulgent fic! Inspired partly by all the romance options in the final game.

In the interest of teaching human culture to our alien crew mates, we are now playing a game called 'Never Have I Ever' )
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Title: Let Your Mercy Spill aka holyfuckingshit I'm writing WHAT now?
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters: Male Shepard, Kaidan Alenko, Liara T'Soni, Steve Cortez, Doctor Karin Chakwas, EDI
Pairing: Male Shepard/Kaidan Alenko
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I think I was just hit with some sort of... alien aphrodisiac. And that's how Major Kaidan Alenko found himself on a medically sanctioned mission to fuck the Commander's brains out. Literally.
Warnings: Because of the nature of the trope (sex pollen / fuck or die) I'll class it as dub-con as there is compromised ability to give consent. But no worries, there is enthusiastic consent afterwards.
Notes: [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: dub-con
Just ignore all attempts at science. Also, probably the porniest story I've ever written.
ME3 but before they go to Eden Prime, obviously. Title from Leonard Cohen's If It Be Your Will

I don't know, but I do know that I don't usually get this excited over some ruins. )


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