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Fic: My Love is Like to Ice (and I to Fire) (Mass Effect, Kaidan Alenko/Male Shepard)

Title: My Love is Like to Ice (and I to Fire)
Fandom: Mass Effect
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Bioware owns them, not me, more's the pity.
Pairing: Kaidan Alenko/Male Shepard
Summary: After his visit underwater to talk with the Leviathan, Shepard suffers from hypothermia.
Notes: The title is the first line from a poem by Edmund Spenser.
[ profile] hc_bingo prompt: Cuddling
Sequel to Let Your Mercy Spill and R&R Stands for Revelations and Reactions

By the time they got Shepard off the ship on 2181 Despoina and into the Kodiak he had stopped shivering, and Kaidan worried they wouldn't reach the Normandy fast enough to prevent his hypothermia from turning severe.

Seems their battle armours didn't quite carry enough insulation to protect someone while deep sea diving, who knew? At least the modified mech had kept the Commander safe from the pressure underwater but the cold was now taking its toll.

“Help me get this armour off,” he told Lieutenant Vega, and helped the barely conscious Shepard lie down on his back.

Subzero field survival 101, shared body heat. He rummaged through the storage compartment until he found an emergency blanket, then started stripping off his own armour. By the time he was down to his Alliance issue boxer briefs, Vega was stripping Shepard's underarmour off.

Without ceremony Kaidan lay down next to Shepard and wrapped the blanket around them. Damn, but the man was cold. He had to fight to keep from shivering himself.

“You want me to...?” Vega asked hesitantly, gesturing with his hand when he couldn't quite figure out how to word his question.

“There's only enough room for two,” Kaidan said, wrapping his arms around Shepard, and Vega reached to wrap the displaced blanket more securely around them.

Shepard turned to burrow closer, and Kaidan didn't know if it was an instinctive reaction to seek the nearest source of warmth, or if he actually knew who he was cuddling.

“I know I always complain about your icy feet but this is a bit extreme,” he whispered into an icy ear next to his mouth.

Shepard started shivering again, and he nearly smiled in relief. Not too far gone, then. He pulled the other man even closer, working a thigh in between his legs, directing his warming efforts to his armpits and groin for maximum efficiency.

Shepard seemed more active by the minute, and Kaidan felt a kiss against his neck. Good thing Shepard was providing a cold treatment while doing it, because despite the circumstances, it felt good.

“Is the new response to any medical problem I have going to be 'apply naked Kaidan?',” Shepard muttered against his neck, and he couldn't help but laugh.

“Hey, when you find something that works...”

“I would like to say something like 'it's working, all right' with a leer, but I think we both know I'm not up to taking advantage of your sudden undressed state. What's our status?”

“ETA to Normandy ten minutes,” said Cortez, and damn, they could hear them so well?

“The Leviathan seems to be in control of the Reaper forces,” Vega reported. “You just worry about getting warm again, Loco.”

It's not like they didn't both already know but Kaidan was still suddenly much more self-conscious about his sudden undressed state as well as the nearly naked Shepard in his arms.

“Oh, I'm quite happy where I am,” Shepard said dryly, and buried his head against Kaidan's neck again.

“Icy. Feet,” Kaidan repeated, disdainfully, but pulled him closer anyway.

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