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Title: Precious
Author: Niki
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I make no profit.
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (original)
Pairing: Starbuck/Apollo
[ profile] schmoop_bingo Prompt: kidfic – bedtimes
Notes: This belongs to the ”El” universe (...which I haven't finished or posted yet), should work on its own.
Summary: If anyone had told Starbuck a yahren ago that he would one day look at a child throwing a temper tantrum feeling nothing but tender protective love, he would have called them insane. Or probably worry he was going to get hit in the head a few too many times.

But I don't WANNA! )
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Title: Flying
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Banlieue 13
Medium: Fic
Rating: G
Genre: gen
[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: friendship
Summary: They are flying over the rooftops of Paris.

A game of tag through the rooftops of Paris )
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Title: Cap's Scrapbook: My Best Friend
[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: memories
Medium: colour pencils + real world scrapbooking supplies + stuff nicked from the internets + GIMP.
Rating: SFW
Universe: MA (Because that Steve would totally have a scrapbook)
Inspiration: I make scrapbooks for fun and profit. My desk is filled with scrapbooking things. I was drawing Steve/Tony on that desk. I was thinking about my prompts. ... I have no idea what happened then, but this idea was born. After working on it for two weeks (And buying some supplies because The Perfect Background Paper! Totally!) - which by the way is way longer than I use on one page on the stuff I sell - I present you...

Best Friends Forever!! )
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I've been working on my bingos, really I have. This was meant to be just a sketch but as I've been told (repeatedly) that my so called finished works so often lack the feeling of the sketches, I'm posting this as is:) (Also, worked on it for hours...)

[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: lazy Sunday
Medium: colour pencils + some airbrushing with GIMP.
Rating: NSFW
Universe: 616
Inspiration & model: a drawing by Tom of Finland (which I didn't change a lot so I added it to the post to be fair.)

Here. )
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Soo... I may have overdone this a bit.

I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo on Dreamwidth. (Yes, I have a Dreamwidth account thanks to a code from [ profile] sineala. No, I haven't used it for anything besides signing up for the said bingo.)

Then I decided I'd like some diversity in my prompts and went and signed up for [ profile] schmoop_bingo and [ profile] hc_bingo.

I know. I KNOW! But... I actually think I can pull it off. Not blackouts like for [ profile] cliche_bingo last year but bingos. That's five pieces of art / fic each. I can do it. Sure I can.

Anyways. My cards. )


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