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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello, Dear Mysterious Writer!

Here are my “optional details”: some specific kinks and squicks as well as some actual prompts (which are there only to nudge your creative juices, you are always welcome to ignore them). I have also tried to tell you a little what I like about these fandoms, and just because there is more text for some, it doesn't mean I don't love them each equally, or that I would be less happy to receive a story in one. I've spent a year thinking about my nominations and requests, trust me, they are here because I really, really want those stories, and I am super happy that you are here because you love one (or more) of these wonderful, wonderful worlds!

Okay, all this gushing might get irritating. I'll try to restrain myself.

My previous Yuletide letters are still in here somewhere, and can be found under the tag “Yuletide”. You are hereby cordially invited to stalk;)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Characters requested: Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson
But really: I just want there to be fic in this fandom, so I really, truly mean it when I say I'd be equally happy with any character – minor or major, whether listed on AO3 or not.

This request is for the TV version, I have listened to the books as well, but, well, I just like the TV Jack more, so. Nothing against Lin Chung in either version, though. But Jack <3. Okay, my main ship is Jack/Phryne, all that UST means I'm dying for some fulfilment fic, but don't worry if that isn't your thing, I have lots of other likes too!

I love the show because it is so well made. Characters, the world, the clothes, the dialogue... the mysteries are not much to write home about, but neither are those in the novels, and that's not why I'm here. I'd been missing some good old fashioned detective series, and this delivered in abundance!

I love how much is narrated with looks and gestures – just someone rolling their eyes on the background! I love the character interactions, the developing relationships (romantic, work, family, take them as you will.)

I also like the fact that the police are not completely useless as they so often are in the amateur detective genre, and that Phryne and Jack actually do their best work together – both come up with clues and solutions, and talking it through with the other helps both. (And Phryne seems to sit in on many official interviews... hmmm...)

I'd be equally happy with a slice of life story, plotty casefic, or a smouldering romance.

I am totally down with all the canon relationships. But if you'd rather, sell me your ship, if that's what you want to write! (As long as there is no bashing of the canonical love interest.) If Cec/Bert is your thing, go for it. Add Alice in the mix if you want. I can totally see Phryne/Dot, or Phryne/Mac, even though that is not my usual thing. I also wouldn't object to some Mr Butler/Phryne;)

I like the little family Phryne has created around her by the end, I can totally see all of them gathering together for an impromptu breakfast or a Christmas feast, or you can tell me about Phryne's Birthday celebration in more detail:)

I would also like to see Bert, Cec and Jack surprising themselves by bonding over the fact they all fought in the war. (Prompt: We were all volunteers.) Add Mr Butler to the mix, if you want.

I want all the fandom clichés, too! Undercover as a couple! Hollywood amnesia! Temporary blindness! Cuddling for warmth!

Oh, and the AU where Jack and Phryne meet in Paris during the war!

In short, I want all the stories!

EDIT: I just realised I never changed the text after I changed my request from "any" to "Phryne and Jack" - feel free to ignore all the prompts that mention other characters!;)

Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Characters requested: Starbuck and Apollo

Starbuck! Starbuck, Starbuck, Starbuck. And Apollo. Together as lovers, friends, or family, I don't care, I love it anyway.

This is one of those shows I love more for the potential (so richly explored in fic) than the actual finished show. The history, the mythology, the everyday life. Starbuck also has all this potential as a character, which we hear mentioned more often than shown... His gambling and womanising seem to be used as comedy material mostly. That's not how I want my handsome rogues! (I want them with depth, really. And being competent. I have such a huge “competent hero” kink!)

Again my love of “families of choice” comes to play, even though theirs is of course also a family of circumstances. (Not just Apollo and Starbuck, but everyone around them. I know I didn't request anyone else, I'm just saying you can include anyone you want:)

Even if you don't go for slash, I'd prefer if you didn't go into detail about them in romantic relationships with others (but no demonising the female characters, please). Family relationship or friendship is more than fine as a focus. Starbuck being an uncle to Boxey; Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer reminiscing over a bottle of Ambrosa; dinner at Adama's (with revelations?;)...

Or a heart-stoppingly daring adventure on a random planet, our heroes having to rely on each other to survive (all the fandom clichés;)? Or just being there for each other in the middle of all that heartbreak and toil.

Post-Destruction rather then pre-, but I don't much care for finding Earth, I'm happy with the status quo during the journey. Or maybe finding their way to Earth but not going into detail about what happens there.

Detroit 1-8-7

Characters requested: Louis Fitch, Ariana Sanchez, Maureen Mason
But really: You don't need to fit all of them in the same story, any one of them individually, or in any combination will be cool. You can also write in anyone else you wish! (Only one I don't really care about is John Stone, and that's because I have issues about taking advantage of people when they are vulnerable. Do not sleep with your partner when she's drunk. Do no make out with your partner when she's just had an emotional shock. Just no.)

Why do I like this? Nitty, gritty cop show. Strong women. Competent hero(es). (Although, Fitch isn't that competent in his private life... almost pings my embarrassment squick sometimes.) Feels real, and unfortunately that is mostly dark. Still, they solve the cases, and usually get their man. So there is that.

If I have a ship, it'd be Fitch/Sanchez but I have no idea how to make that happen in character. If you do, wow me!:)

Case fic, slice of life... quiet day at the office, someone's birthday, compulsory team building training day;) Or my beloved clichés: undercover as a couple, Hollywood amnesia...

Or tell me how the Lieutenant got to where she is. A black woman, it can't have been easy! A cop, a mother, a boss... how does she do it?

Endgame (TV)

Characters requested: Arkady Balagan, Oleg Olesky, Alcina Albeniz, Danni (Endgame)
But really: I don't expect to have them all in a same story (though of course if you can, that would be awesome, too), I just love all of their interactions with Arkady!

Why I love the show? Kinda traditional amateur detective series, kinda not. Arkady pings my "competent hero" kink so hard (although sometimes his arrogance is irritating) and the "families of choice" thing, too, though of course in their case it's more like families of circumstance, again...

If you want to let Oleg stay around, too, I'm not gonna complain!

I like the way Arkady charms people to do things, and his arrogance is sometimes cute (especially when warranted) and sometimes irritating (especially when it turns out he's wrong, wrong, wrong). I love his intelligence and creativity, and how despite his pride he can admit defeat (in some things at least...;) and say he's sorry.

If you want to pair him with someone, any of my other requested characters will do. (I don't really see him with Sam, sorry.)

As I put it on a comment to a friend's letter: "I love Oleg, I love, love, love how they are together, the drinking and the dancing and the kissing and the exuberance!"

But I also love the common sense wisdom of Alcina's and how she interacts with Arkady, and Danni... there's just so much that wasn't explored properly about her character in the show!

I'd be equally happy with a case fic as a lazy day around the hotel, with no one hounding Arkady about his bill, no major mysteries, just relaxing, and somehow all ending up just spending time in Arkady's suite? With Oleg? Maybe even a holiday themed story where Arkady is acting all Scrooge-like but surprises everyone with actually thoughtful gifts? Drinking games?

Or if you want to solve Rosemary's murder, knock yourself out. I have no opinions. (Though I loved the theory that Putin was behind it - for the nerve they had to actually mention the possibility in the series!)

General stuff:

Things I like: first times, banter, competent heroes, Hollywood amnesia, temporary blindness, fluff, families of choice, pretending to be a couple, cuddling for warmth, coming outs and revelation stories, romance, adventures, 5 things, AUs (except high school AUs, for some reason), hurt/comfort, case fics, learning to live together, dialogue, bad puns, fluffy animals, shared meals, quiet times together, support no matter what, infidelity for the sake of your One True Love, friends to lovers, pining (ultimately requited), strong women, badgers, competent gun handling, declarations, desperate kisses, I-really-shouldn't-but-damn-I-wanna, books, so married, Never Have I Ever and other drinking games (as long as the characters don't get so drunk they lose control...), things that happen after the credits roll, fusion crossovers, I like my porn with plot... well at least a setting... or a concept... or...

Things I'd rather not have: D/s, incest, dwelling on bodily fluids, unhappy endings, humiliation & embarrassment (my biggest squick), PWPs, deathfics, darkfics, 2nd person narration, casual infidelity, and while I like fusion crossovers I don't really go for other kinds...

Optional details are optional, so if you have a story you've always wanted to write in the fandom you got, go for it. I'd much rather read a story you enjoyed writing than something you had to sweat out in blood to meet my crazy requirements!

Happy writing, dear writer, I hope you can actually have fun doing it. And may your presents be multiple this Yuletide:)