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For [ profile] cap_ironman's Reverse Big Bang Challenge.

Title: The draft was called "Trapped"
Universe: Merge of 616 & movieverse
Notes: Thank you to Neith, who put on jeans and pretended to write on a wall when asked. Her dog also helped.
Story by [ profile] somehowunbroken, by the light we see, go read it!

Whole picture behind cut )
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Yeah, sorta late with this. RL. (And chronic laziness.)

Things I got:

In [ profile] cap_ironman Secret Santa, Everyone's a Critic by [ profile] grand_duc, a Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (Captain America/Iron Man) story with scrap books. It's adorable, funny and just all in all a delightful read.

In Yuletide I got three stories for three of my four fandoms!

The Whelp by Val Mora - a beautiful, beautiful story that might just be the first fic ever about Wulf and Eadwacer. And seeing that the source is a poem of some twenty lines, you should just go read the story. It is awesome.

Worth It by Franzeska for Miami Vice (TV), a wonderful insight to the episode "Better Living Through Chemistry" and Sonny and Rico's relationship. There is not enough love for this little fic in the archive so go ahead and appreciate it!

Sleeping Arrangements, also by Val Mora, for Banlieue 13 (which is a kick-ass movie you should totally watch anyway) which is sweet and hurty and just begging for a sequel.

Things I made:

I drew an untitled picture for [ profile] muccamukk who was polite enough to like it (or at least say so;)

Here, you can take a look behind the fake cut, too. )

I wrote Not Even Duct Tape Could Fix This Day A MacGyver gen fic for Lightcudder. She offered no prompt beyond the fandom and the character so I debated for weeks whether I should write a fun little gen story or an epic gay love story... ;) One day I will write the epic gay story, too, for "Trumbo's World", just you wait. But for now, there is Mac trying to watch his ice hockey game and the universe conspiring against it.
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For [ profile] cap_ironman's Reverse Big Bang Challenge. I drew the picture, [ profile] truthiness_aura wrote the story. (Which is awesome.)

Title: I called my draft Shielded, the story is called Hostile Takeovers
Universe: Merge of Marvel Adventures & movieverse
Rating: PG for little blood?
Notes: Water colour pencils + GIMP (Go airbrushing!)

Click for the bigger version. )
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Title: Cap's Scrapbook: My Best Friend
[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: memories
Medium: colour pencils + real world scrapbooking supplies + stuff nicked from the internets + GIMP.
Rating: SFW
Universe: MA (Because that Steve would totally have a scrapbook)
Inspiration: I make scrapbooks for fun and profit. My desk is filled with scrapbooking things. I was drawing Steve/Tony on that desk. I was thinking about my prompts. ... I have no idea what happened then, but this idea was born. After working on it for two weeks (And buying some supplies because The Perfect Background Paper! Totally!) - which by the way is way longer than I use on one page on the stuff I sell - I present you...

Best Friends Forever!! )
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Title: Partners in Crime
Cliche: Crossovers: TV shows and movies
Fandoms: The Professionals, CI5: The New Professionals
Type: Fan art, photo manipulation
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the shows, the pictures are from all over the Web (sorry if I snatched something I wasn't supposed to), lyrics by Mr Mister.
Notes: This is kinda like a song vid, except it's a comic.

Page 1 )
Page 2 )
Page 3 )

Title: ...Because Sometimes the Alternative is Worse
Cliche: Insomnia / sleeplessness
Fandom: Disney's Sleeping Beauty
Type: Fan art, drawing
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Disney. Too bad, if I did, I'd own Marvel, too!
Notes: The crease was caused by my brother placing his glass on the drawing.

Sleepless Beauty )

Title: Gabriel Dreams
Cliche: Magical creatures
Fandoms: Gabriel Knight, My Little Pony
Type: Fan art, drawing + photo manip
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own either one, alas.
Notes: Don't ask.

Gabriel woke up very confused )

Title: Revan - My Own Evil Double
Cliche: Mirror, mirror: Doppelgangers, clones and evil doubles
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Type: Fan art, drawing
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Notes: Added both versions because my art beta liked the scetch more!

First attempt )

Second attempt )


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