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Meant to post this on Valentine's Day. Written last year as a change of pace from my NaNo novel(s). Not the fic I should be posting, I know, sorry:(

Title: Patter of Little Paws
Writer: Niki
Fandom: WWE
Pairing: Chris/Adam
Rating: U, G, K, depending on your corner of the world.
Summary: Two days later there were three tiny rabbit babies on the shelf.
Notes: Part of the "Pink Wabbit" series - so far in the AU land that has very little to do with the original fandom...
[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: wild card: stuffed animals (could have been 'pets' or 'kidfic' as well;)
Warnings: Fluffy fluff.

Cute, Chris. Very cute. )
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[ profile] raisingkane prompted "CJ/Edge and chocolate covered somethings" And I deliver...after a fashion...;) Sorry I took so long, darling!

Title: Chocolate Covered... Bunnies?
Author: Niki
Fandom: WWE
Pairing: Edge/Jericho
Rating: PG-13? Sorry, I tried, but the smut just didn't happen.
Disclaimer: I own the bunny. The rest belong to WWE.
Notes: As Lita has been established as a friend of the happy couple in the past, I'm just going to ignore everything that has happened in Real World and live still in the blissful past.
Summary: Chris tries to arrange a nice surprise for his lover

Choccies! )

Blame RK

Feb. 19th, 2007 02:36 pm
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"Tell me you have photos."
"I have photos."

Here )

Work safe. I think... They might think you're weird, though...;)
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I was going to post this on the Valentine's Day but RL interfered.

Title: Something Pink and Fluffy
Author: Niki
Rating: Since I use the word "fuck" more than once, and in sexual context no less, it has to be an R:)
Paring: Edge/Chris Jericho
Disclaimer: Adam, Chris, and their fellow wrestlers are so not mine, Mr Wabbit is. The whole Ric/Al thing is "borrowed" from the magnificent [ profile] raisingkane to whom the fic is written for in the first place. (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm partly responsible for them too...) Bunch of guys currently in TNA appear to still work for WWE in my universe (Christian, Rhyno...), and of course, Chris is still wrestling:)
Notes: This story is a part of what is now known as Mr Wabbit's Universe, it is perfectly readable on its own as long as you know that Edge and Jericho live together as a couple, and they have a pink stuffed rabbit who narrates the story.
This is a thank-you story for [ profile] raisingkane, and thanks for her again for spotting my typos. This time I actually remembered to correct them...:)

Wackiness ensues )
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Title: The Hockey Fic, aka 'smutless smut'
Author: Niki
Fandom: WWE
Paring: Edge/Jericho, established relationship
Series: Belongs to the "Home Is..." series aka Mr Wabbit's Universe
Rating: NC-17, I suppose.
Warnings & apologies: for excessive use of hockey terms, especially penalties
Disclaimers: Adam and Chris are not mine. WWE, Vince, Chris Irvine, and Adam Copeland have nothing to do with this bit of silliness. No offense meant, no money made, but hopefully
I made my friend happy, and, hey, you can't sue me for that, right? I own Mr. Wabbit.
Notes: The match happened. Nash & Thornton dominated the score lists. But Jagr still kicked their asses even with a broken finger ;P
HUGE BIG THANK YOU to [ profile] raisingkane for saving this fic from its existence only as a paper copy.
The Silly Excuse for a Story )
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Title: Further Tales of Mr Wabbit
Author: Niki
Fandom: WWE
Series: A sequel to "Mr Wabbit's Tale" that was a
companion piece to my series "Home is"...
Summary: Basically, it's more silliness with the pink
plushie bunny that lives with Edge and Jericho.
Warnings: Unbetaed silliness
Disclaimers: The wrestlers are not mine. The rabbit is.
I don't think anyone would dare to sue me over this.
They'd be laughed off the court.

Down the rabbit-hole! )
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Title: Mr Wabbit’s Tale
Author: Niki
Fandom: WWE
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Edge/Chris Jericho
Disclaimers: I own the Rabbit. I don’t own Chris or Adam. WWE got dibs.
Rating: Ummm... does the expression “fuck like bunnies” make it PG?
Warnings: Utter silliness
Notes: Sequel to ”Home Is...” Narrated by the fluffy rabbit from the story.
Also written ages ago, as a bedtime story to Raising Kane.

Follow the pink rabbit )
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Title: Home is...
Author: Niki
Fandom: WWE (Yes, professional wrestling)
Disclaimer: Not mine, I make no money out of this. And it's not RPS because I'm writing about the characters these people portray... who obviously don't belong to me either. They belong to WWE, and the guys themselves. NOT RPS, DAMMIT. Honestly. Fine fine fine, it's sorta borderline, because, for example, I do call Edge ”Adam”. 'Cos 'Edge' would be just silly. But I don't like Real Person Slash, so let me keep my illusions, okay? ;)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slash, though it begins with a f/m relationship.
Pairing: Edge/Chris Jericho
Summary: ”Oh, see the storm is threatening / My very life today / If I don’t get some shelter / Yeah, I’m gonna fade away” (Sisters of Mercy, Gimme shelter)
Warnings: M/m loving. Mentions a f/m relationship. No sex whatsoever.
Series: Home is... is a story formed of two parts, which have five chapters each. First part is narrated by Edge, the second by Jericho.
Notes: For the purposes of this story, I invented a month (or so) long summer vacation for the boys and girls at WWE.
Thanks for Raising Kane for saving this story from complete suckitude. Unbetaed, though.
Written ages ago.
Home Is... )


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