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It's that time of the year again... Fannish December Exchanges

My Yuletide present was a Miami Vice story by Daytonagirl

In Lewis Secret Santa I got a gorgeous, gorgeous fanmix made by [ profile] fromward. Seriously, go listen to it now!

In Captain America/Iron Man Secret Santa I received a wonderful story by [ profile] valtyr called Some Sunny Day, an AU where Tony was four when Steve went missing. Awww.

For Yuletide I wrote a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic story War Dance for
Capella, didn't finish any treats so might do some Resolution stories. (HA! That goes so well every year...)

I made Lewis icons for [ profile] garryowen

...and wrote my first ever actual fic for Captain America/Iron Man for the comm Secret Santa: Wood You Like to Join Me for [ profile] grand_duc (who happened to be my Santa in 2010 exchange;)

I finished everything! Thanks mostly to my betas! Now I might repost things to my journal. Maybe do the year in fic meme. Or something.
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Hello, Dear Writer, and Thank You so much for writing me a story! I hope it can be a fun experience and not something that makes you pull your hair out (unless you're into that sort of thing, of course). I'm really easy, I promise!

For stalking purposes, my last year's letter, my fanfic pet peeves, and well, this journal.

Banlieue 13 )
Marvel Adventures: Avengers )
Lewis )
Miami Vice (TV) )

Things I like: first times, banter, competent heroes, Hollywood amnesia, temporary blindness, fluff, families of choice, pretending to be a couple, coming outs and revelation stories, romance, adventures, 5 things, AUs, hurt/comfort, case fics, dialogue, bad puns, fluffy animals, shared meals, quiet times together, support no matter what, friends to lovers, pining (ultimately requited), strong women, badgers, competent gun handling, declarations, desperate kisses, I-really-shouldn't-but-damn-I-wanna, books, so married...

Things I'd rather not have: D/s, incest, dwelling on bodily fluids, unhappy endings, humiliation & embarrassment, deathfics...

Optional details are optional, so if you have a story you've always wanted to write in the fandom you got, go for it. I'd much rather read a story you enjoyed writing than something you had to sweat out in blood to meet my crazy requirements!
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Drabble meme

1) Write a drabble in your first fandom
2) Write a drabble in your newest fandom
3) Write a drabble in a fandom you've never written fic for.

Distractions from NaNo )
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Title: The Key that Opens is the Key that Rusts
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Lewis
Disclaimer: Colin Dexter and ITV own the actual characters; Aisha, Clem and Gleed belong to my subconscious mind; the rest are my fault.
Characters: Lewis, Hathaway, Hobson, Innocent, original characters (pre-slash Lewis/Hathaway if you have your slash goggles on)
Genre: Case fic
Rating: NC-17 for the subject matter
Beta: [ profile] lygtemanden (Contestant for the Fastest Beta Ever award!)
Warnings: Contains non-graphic references to rape and murder of children.
Wordcount: 8571
Notes: I had been looking for a story that could link Morse and Lewis, maybe a case spanning decades. Then I had a dream, which was this story, and it was coherent and made sense even after waking up! I couldn't wait to write it down. It honestly took me hours to realise how grisly and horrible the whole thing was and to think about what a messed up thing it was to dream about.

In the end, I didn't want to write a story about Morse failing to solve a case so it ended up having less and less to do with him.

My entry for [ profile] lewis_challenge
Summary: A case that Morse and Lewis never actually worked on resurfaces, and Lewis and Hathaway must solve it

The Girl Who Died )
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I got more bingo cards! Maybe this year I'll do better than last year...;)

My hc_bingo card )

Aand my [community profile] fanbingo card here )

And the anteaters? They were at the Vienna zoo. I'm going through my thousands of photos now... (No, I'm not exaggerating, I took like 2000 photos. I had to buy a new memory card when I filled the old one *and* my 4 gig memory stick...;) (Am not joking about the kissing either. With tongues.)
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I suck, but I haven't abandoned the fic!

Title: Nights of the Old Republic (27/?): On the Rocky Road to Ahto Town
Author: Niki
Fandom: SW: KotOR
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Notes: Yes, it happened to me. Twice.
Previous parts: Prologue, Chapter 1, Interlude, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24 and Chapter 25

I had the weirdest dream... )
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Title: Lacerations
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Lewis
Disclaimer: I am not Colin Dexter nor am I in any way affiliated with ITV, I write for fun, not profit.
Rating: PG (for passing suicidal thoughts)
Spoilers: to Life Born of Fire
[ profile] hc_bingo Prompt: Lacerations & knife wounds
Notes: Part to of a series of fics with a working title, "Hurt/Comfort Sequence", works perfectly well on its own. In the context of the series this is pre-slash, but on its own it can be read as gen.
Summary: They both carried marks after the fire but while his was a sign of his own failure, his boss's hands bore the marks of a hero.

He carried it like a brand. )
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...but I'm in Vienna, Austria, writing cards home and wondered if anyone would like one? :) I always get extra stamps and cards anyway;)
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Title: Precious
Author: Niki
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I make no profit.
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (original)
Pairing: Starbuck/Apollo
[ profile] schmoop_bingo Prompt: kidfic – bedtimes
Notes: This belongs to the ”El” universe (...which I haven't finished or posted yet), should work on its own.
Summary: If anyone had told Starbuck a yahren ago that he would one day look at a child throwing a temper tantrum feeling nothing but tender protective love, he would have called them insane. Or probably worry he was going to get hit in the head a few too many times.

But I don't WANNA! )
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Title: Flying
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Banlieue 13
Medium: Fic
Rating: G
Genre: gen
[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: friendship
Summary: They are flying over the rooftops of Paris.

A game of tag through the rooftops of Paris )
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Title: Sir
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Lewis
Prompt / kink: Authority figures
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Disclaimer: Colin Dexter and ITV own them.
Spoilers: none
Words: 506
Rating: R

When Hathaway calls him 'sir' it sounds like a name. )
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Title: Survival
Writer: Niki
Fandom: Soldiers of the Dead
Disclaimer: Scotty JX owns the world and the characters
Rating: PG
Genre: Friendship, pre-slash
Summary: Her name is Emily. She lives with Susana.
Notes: For Mr Niki, unbetaed. Happy belated Birthday!

One of those things that give value to survival )
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Yes, there are new catastrophes. But the previous ones haven't gone away, and Japan - among other countries - still needs help.

(Or then you can just come along to check out the goodies on offer, or to cry at the sight of people genuinely willing to help. Always gets me;)

I'm offering a custom made idea jar with a friend:

We're really looking forward to making it! We were really inspired even before anyone bid on it so now we're doubly inspired;)
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Happy virtual Housewarming, [ profile] caras_galadhon!

Writing didn't happen, so I went through my movie mags to give you a pic spam instead;) Hope you enjoy it!

on with the pretty )

Thank you to [ profile] foxrafer for organising this!
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Meant to post this on Valentine's Day. Written last year as a change of pace from my NaNo novel(s). Not the fic I should be posting, I know, sorry:(

Title: Patter of Little Paws
Writer: Niki
Fandom: WWE
Pairing: Chris/Adam
Rating: U, G, K, depending on your corner of the world.
Summary: Two days later there were three tiny rabbit babies on the shelf.
Notes: Part of the "Pink Wabbit" series - so far in the AU land that has very little to do with the original fandom...
[ profile] schmoop_bingo prompt: wild card: stuffed animals (could have been 'pets' or 'kidfic' as well;)
Warnings: Fluffy fluff.

Cute, Chris. Very cute. )
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Title: A Pilgrim
Writer: Niki
Disclaimer: Alas, Hathaway is not mine.
Summary: Hathaway, introspective.
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: U
Word count: 100
Notes: Beta by Zunie (because we have way too much time in our hands at work.)

Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. )
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Yeah, sorta late with this. RL. (And chronic laziness.)

Things I got:

In [ profile] cap_ironman Secret Santa, Everyone's a Critic by [ profile] grand_duc, a Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (Captain America/Iron Man) story with scrap books. It's adorable, funny and just all in all a delightful read.

In Yuletide I got three stories for three of my four fandoms!

The Whelp by Val Mora - a beautiful, beautiful story that might just be the first fic ever about Wulf and Eadwacer. And seeing that the source is a poem of some twenty lines, you should just go read the story. It is awesome.

Worth It by Franzeska for Miami Vice (TV), a wonderful insight to the episode "Better Living Through Chemistry" and Sonny and Rico's relationship. There is not enough love for this little fic in the archive so go ahead and appreciate it!

Sleeping Arrangements, also by Val Mora, for Banlieue 13 (which is a kick-ass movie you should totally watch anyway) which is sweet and hurty and just begging for a sequel.

Things I made:

I drew an untitled picture for [ profile] muccamukk who was polite enough to like it (or at least say so;)

Here, you can take a look behind the fake cut, too. )

I wrote Not Even Duct Tape Could Fix This Day A MacGyver gen fic for Lightcudder. She offered no prompt beyond the fandom and the character so I debated for weeks whether I should write a fun little gen story or an epic gay love story... ;) One day I will write the epic gay story, too, for "Trumbo's World", just you wait. But for now, there is Mac trying to watch his ice hockey game and the universe conspiring against it.
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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

Thank you for writing me a story:) I hope you can have fun doing it!

Optional details are optional but you can find my fandom specific requests & some general blathering behind the cuts. You can also see my last year's letter and my fan fic pet peeves post on my personal journal. Though I pretty much recycled my last year's post, so...

Wulf and Eadwacer (Poem) )

Banlieue 13 )

Lewis )

Miami Vice )

My likes & dislikes )

Happy Yuletide, dear mysterious writer! Hope your presents are plentiful and your writing stress-free!
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We were reading a song book from 1947 (as one does) with a friend, when, reaching the Christmas carols, I remarked how popular "Come All Ye Faithful" was in fan fics. We turned the page... to a song called "The Seven Joys of Mary". Cue laughter. "Now that's a fic title if anything. Which fandom would have a Mary?" I asked. "All of them," said Vilja. "Her other name is Sue." Hence, The 7 Joys of Mary Sue. We meant to go for the historical progression but... Oh well.

Title: The Seven Joys of Mary Sue
Writers: Niki & Vilja
Disclaimer: We were not drunk.
Notes: "The first good joy that Mary had..." is straight from the Christmas Carol.
Warnings for: Bad rhythm, lame rhymes, and the word "cock".

The first good joy that Mary Sue had... )
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For [ profile] cap_ironman's Reverse Big Bang Challenge. I drew the picture, [ profile] truthiness_aura wrote the story. (Which is awesome.)

Title: I called my draft Shielded, the story is called Hostile Takeovers
Universe: Merge of Marvel Adventures & movieverse
Rating: PG for little blood?
Notes: Water colour pencils + GIMP (Go airbrushing!)

Click for the bigger version. )


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